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Trikes - 5+ yrs

For 3 wheeler fun.

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BERG XL Chopper BFR - £589.00

Availability: In stock

BERG Chopper has three wheels instead of four, giving it extremely small turning circle and better manoeuvrability than a conventional go-kart. It is equipped with the unique, patented BFR system. Thanks to the freewheel, the pedals remain stationary while you ride. This provides additional safety. The wheels are mounted with roller bearings, which makes the wheels rotate quickly and smoothly. This means children can play for much longer without getting tired.

BERG XL Duo Chopper BF - £769.00

Availability: Out of stock

BERG XL Duo Chopper BFR is like the Chopper, but for two. The great advantage of the BERG Duo Chopper BF is that 2 people can ride around in it at the same time. To make this go-kart even more fun you can remove the co-rider’s seat. Removing this seat allows the co-rider to stand next to the driver. The handrail provides enough support for holding on tightly.

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