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Buzzy - 2-5 yrs

The BERG Buzzy is perfect for children aged 2 to 5! Learning to pedal has never been so easy. The BERG Buzzy hugs the road with its four off-road wheels and swing axis. Your child on a Buzzy is the boss of every terrain. Grows with your child due to the adjustable steering wheel and saddle. The direct drive system makes pedalling supple and light. In the Buzzy your child can tear through puddles, plough through sand and venture into wooded areas effortlessly!

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BERG Buzzy Aero - £150.00

Availability: In stock

This Buzzy go-kart with its tough bonnet, robust frame and fast racing tyres guarantees a real racing experience. The Aero’s 4 EVA tires keep this racer super stable through the sharpest corners. On the Aero, children can ride forwards or backwards and brake easily! The Buzzy’s pedals are operated separately from the steering wheel, so children are always in control of both the steering wheel and the pedals. This makes riding easier and more stable for children.

BERG Buzzy Beatz - £160.00

Availability: In stock

Do you love music? Then the Buzzy Beatz comes with a great soundbar for you. You can use this to record and play your favourite music. Maybe choose your own rap, which you can play over and over. The soundbar is built into the ergonomic handlebars, making it easy and safe to operate. Have you seen the new Buzzy Beatz design? The go-faster stripe makes it even faster. Cool EVA foam tyres ensure a silent ride and the saddle is adjustable, because of course you want your Buzzy to grow as you grow. Thanks to its four wheels, the BERG Buzzy Beatz is far more stable than any tricycle.

BERG Buzzy BSX - £119.00

Availability: In stock

The BERG Buzzy BSX is a cool, bright yellow go-kart with which your child will definitely steal the show in your neighbourhood. With its 4 wheels, the BSX is sturdier and safer than a three-wheeler. Your feet will remain firmly on the pedals even when going round the tightest corners. Because of the direct drive, you can drive forwards, backwards and brake within a few seconds. The seat and steering wheel aradjustable, providing children with years of pleasure on their Buzzy. Suitable for children aged 2-5 years

BERG Buzzy Nitro - £140.00

Availability: In stock

Which boy or girl is brave enough to take on this go-kart?! The BERG Buzzy Nitro is only for true off-road heroes! A BERG Buzzy with all the familiar features, but in a supercool version. The cool stickers, awesome suspension and, of course, the fantastic tyres make this off-road monster the coolest go-kart in the neighbourhood. Will you soon be the boss of this off-road monster?

BERG Buzzy Bloom - £140.00

Availability: In stock

Wow, how cute is the BERG Buzzy Bloom?! This pink go-kart can be made to look as nice as you want it to look. You can stick on the stickers yourself! So, will you soon be designing your own go-kart? You can then go shopping with mummy or daddy and take your handy little basket with you! Or you can go on a nice picnic in the park. Anything is possible with this BERG Buzzy Bloom!

BERG Buzzy John Deere - £178.00

Availability: In stock

The best tractor for the smallest child, the Buzzy John Deere! All the functions and unique features of a BERG Buzzy integrated in a cool and unique John Deere design. The sturdy steering wheel with knob, the large bonnet with cool grill and, of course, the wide tractor tyres make this a genuine John Deere. An ideal choice for a budding young farmer. The off-road tyres give less rolling resistance, making pedalling lighter and go-karting smoother. For the off-road go-karts, special accessories are available, such as a roll-bar or a passenger seat.

JEEP Buzzy Sahara - £168.00

Availability: In stock

With its Jeep grill, solid hood, unique steering wheel and off-road tyres, this Jeep Buzzy Sahara offers unforgettable driving pleasure. On this Jeep your child can tackle any terrain. The direct drive system makes pedalling supple and light. In this Sahara you can tear through puddles, plough through sand and venture into wooded areas effortlessly! The Jeep Buzzy Sahara’s 4 EVA tyres keep the go-kart firmly on the ground. Your child will therefore sit safely and securely. The steering wheel and seat are adjustable, making this Jeep suitable for children aged 2-5.

JEEP Buzzy Rubicon - £178.00

Availability: In stock

Let your child dream, do and discover in a real Jeep! The Jeep Buzzy Rubicon is a true off-road sensation. The off-road tyres, round steering wheel with spinner knob, and cool hood with grill and angry-looking eyes make this a real Jeep Rubicon. The 4 EVA tyres ensure this robust Jeep Buzzy is firmly grounded The good connection between the front and rear axles makes pedalling easy, even for little ones. This Jeep is suitable for children from the age of 2.

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